I was lured by the lucky draw prize!

Anonymous | 06 Aug 2020

Lottery Scam
1) caller called first time to conduct survey and shared that they had upcoming event in sg.

2) caller called A month after said event to say that i had won a prize even though i did not attend. The reason i won was because They enrolled me as i had completed survey and even though i didnt attend, they enrolled everyone who completed survey due to covid.

Prize was third prize travel voucher but due to coVid i could exchange it for cash. Caller then gave me her company name,her name and company number. Had a long talk and she said how i shouldnt share the news first as she had to fill up a form to submit to her backend For approval (because i wasnt present at event). I then gave her my full name and nric number (i swear ill never do that again). She then said it would take 1/2 days to process and she would call me back, she then convinced me not to tell my family first since its not approved yet to not make them disappointed. Also told me to not tEll friends as they could take advantage of me ( it sounded Really friendly at that point in time).

3) she also talked about how others also got their gifts and kept reassuring i need not pay anything. But after researching on company and said event, i cant find any more logical reason that this lucky draw is true. Will be ignoring any future calls and please be careful everyone. I used to laugh it off that i will never fall for this but i just did. Got carried Away by greed.

Take care peeps and don't trust people so easily!