Beware of Internet Love scams!

Anonymous | 05 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam
To all ladies out there using CMB dating app, this is my encounter on the app.

Scammer - Chong wei (tel no +61-412373046)
his profile states he is 48 years old, 1.82m tall, SUBSEA ENGINEER. he claims he is Singapore born with Australian citizenship, lives in Perth. a subsea engineer with Exonmobil, coming to Singapore to take over an oil & gas project his dad left behind (his dad passed away of covid19). his wife died of Leukemia cancer and his last girlfriend cheated on him. he will send pictures of his house in Perth along with his address, photos are ripped off from Pinterest & other places, address is real but property does not belong to him (did a title search on landgate). the photos he send of himself belongs to a taiwanese singer. he even has a fake Linkedin account. he will text every day and be very polite & gentleman, will ask to chat on Whatsapp after few days of texting, making you feel genuine when questioned about his identity, he turned nasty.

Pls be alert and do your investigations like reverse image search on various platforms (google might not show up results), look into the details of pictures they send over, and ask them where it was taken. don't be afraid to ask them more questions than for them to ask you (do not reveal too much of yourself until you are sure).