I lost over $2000 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 04 Aug 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I get to know this girl from jiojiome. I contacted her through line to get

We agreed to meet up and She sent me an postcode (650272). I then arranged to meet her there that night at 11pm.

I then contacted her after i reached the location. And she asked for my number THEN A GUY NAMED “林正坤” CALLED ME AND explain that I JUST NEED TO ANSWER SOME SECURITY QUESTIONS TO CONFIRM THAT I WASN'T AFFILIATED WITH THE POLICE and that i will have to walk over to the AXS machine next to the posb atm machine to buy sgd$100 worth of Alipay credits to pay her as she didn't want any cash transactions for the first meeting.

So i did buy RMB$500 and keyed in the email address that she provided ( [email protected] ) .

after paying I was asked to make 3 other payment of sgd$600 security deposit and to make sure i wont harm or nab the girl. Again stupid me, i bought the credits again. He then again told me he needed another 3 receipt for refundable deposit of Sgd$600. And I was able to negotiate AND made a payment for 1 receipt of sgd$600 and also was given a dateline to make payment for the rest of the 2 receipt payment.

I have cleared all my savings to pay for all the deposit and I lost my temper with him AND I started hanging up his call and he started to threatened me that if i make any nonsense He would ask his “brothers” to come to my house and harass my family. He then gave me a deadline to make payments. In the end, I went To file a police report online

I lost around $2600 to this scam

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