Beware of Loan scams

Anonymous | 03 Feb 2021

Loan Scam
On 7th Jan, i was applying a loan from this Lending Be? website (fake website) at 7am. Then around 10am this guy name Melvin contacted me through Whatsapp to ask if I was applying for loan amount of 3k. As i thought it was the staff from the lending company, I passed him my personal information ( NRIC front and back ), my bank account and my Next of kin contact which is my brother. later in the afternoon around 12 plus, i call lending bee company directly to ask if there's any staff by the name of Melvin and the staff told me nope. immediately i deleted all the personal information in the whatsapps. the next day, this Melvin told me that already transfer me the money of $400. so i told him I didn't want the loan already but he say must return $600 if I wanted to cancel the request. 

That very night, I made a police report and the IO say I had encounter a illegal moneylender. the IO told me to return him the actual amount he transferred to me and showed him the receipt. After 2 separate payment of $200 each weekly, I blocked his number and change new number too. i thought everything will be gone by then but the guy started to call my brother and harassed him instead, so i went down to lodge another report but the officer told me to ask my brother lodge himself since he's the one being harassed. I resorted to installing CCTV at my house,

I hope to warn all to not apply for loans without checking the details of moneylender. Don't apply your loan via Whatsapp, as you never know what is going to happen next.

Editor's note: Unlicensed moneylenders or loan scammer will use licensed moneylender's details to cheat, including creating a fake website. We wish to advise users to get in touch with licensed moneylenders through the contact details found on "Registry of Licensed Moneylenders" website at: List Of Licensed Moneylenders In Singapore ( Note that licensed moneylenders are NOT allowed to approve loans remotely such as via Whatsapp or online.