Scammer claimed to be from "IMDA" now

Anonymous | 03 Dec 2019

Impersonation Scam
I was first called up by a chinese speaking man claiming to be from IMDA with a singapore number. He stated that my phone line will be cut off within the next 2 hours because someone created another number with singtel using my particulars. I was told to contact the chinese investigative bureau, a chinese number, and clarify with them so that my line will not be cut. When i called the chinese investigative bureau, they said that a 57 yo man was swindling money by creating fake accounts under my name and phone number in china, and to be sure that i was no relation to the man, they required me to answer questions while the call was recorded. It made the whole situation seem very real because the fake officer was calling other investigative authorities to bring up my case files, etc. i had to declare with my name, and nric. They asked me personal information on my family and living circumstances. The call ended saying they will continue the investigation and contact me through watsapp, plus i was to update them my location at 5pm and 8pm. I was also not to divulge any of information of the case to anyone or they would be implicated into the investigation. the next day, the fake officer called me again saying they had new evidences of my involvement in the case, they even sent me a certificate of the bank accounts created in hong kong, with my chinese name and nric stated. In order to clear my name of any involvement, i was to either fly to hong kong, paying for my own air ticket, and meet with the officers there, or to transfer money to them and freeze my accounts. Thats when i realised that i was a part of a scam because no official would waste 4 hours of talking to you over the phone and subsequently asking you to transfer money or asking for personal bank details. I hung up saying that i would not transfer any money or reveal my bank accounts. Subsequently, i called the singapore police hotline to make a report.

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