Being vigilant saved me from a scam

Anonymous | 03 Dec 2019

Impersonation Scam
On the 3rd december 2019, Tuesday morning at about 11am. There is a hacker that tries to hack into my internet router this morning by impersonating as a Singtel technical representative. He asked me if i am the owner and if i am at home. he even told me that there is tehcnical problem that their end cannot solve and the owner(myself) needs to solve it. He asked me to use my own laptop to access the router by pressing the "windows key" button and follow by "R" and kept saying that the owner needs to solve the internet issues on his side, and their technical side is facing problem. I kept asking him about my particulars since Singtel trading representative will know my particulars. He could not give me my details and I immediately know that it is a scam. I put down the phone and quickly called Singtel hotline 1688 to find out that it is a scam. INDEED IT IS A SCAM. because singtel technical representative will never call unless there is request by the user for callbacks. I I have also informed the police at 1800 225-0000 of such case. luckily , i did not give any personal details to this person.