Similar stories here prevented me from getting scammed

Anonymous | 02 Jul 2019

Internet Love Scam

I was almost scammed by this guy on Instagram.

Recently i met a guy on Instagram, he insisted that i accept his friend request and that i follow him back too. However, he started chatting with me on Instagram and then therefore he ask me for my number. So we brought our chat to Whatsapp. He told me his dad was from Beijing and mum from Singapore. He is currently living and working in UK as an engineer. A few days later, he told me he wants to come Singapore to meet me after he settle his work.

A few days passed, he told me he bought me some gifts out of love and will send it to me through courier. He claims that he bought branded shoes and ring for both me and him. As he wants to marry me. He then passed me a tracking number and the website of the courier company.

However, out of curiosity i was wondering if this package even existed, so i messaged the courier company. After a few days, when the package was supposed to arrive in Singapore they told me i had to pay $2580 for taxes before they could deliver the parcel to Singapore from Indonesia.

I almost fell for it, but luckily i saw other similar stories that were reported as well.