Don't invest without doing your research

Anonymous | 02 Dec 2020

Investment Scam
The name is 陈泳洲.

We linked up on tinder in October 2020. thereafter we moved on to WhatsApp chat.
After 3 weeks, he introduced me to a way of investing with this broker, vdo markets ltd and offered to guide me on how to do it. I decided to just give it a try to see how it work and set up an account with them. all seemed real

He asked me to download an app from an external link and create an account. He also asked me to use BINANCE APP to buy cryptocurrency to transfer to THE account. He TOLD me TO LOOK FOR the customer service number for quicker response. It was actually FOREX trading (xau/usd) with cryptocurrency. For my firST 3 tradeS, I did earn money and able to withdraw my whole amount THROUGH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

On US Presidential Biden win, the customer service intro the top-up activity to me which include cash. He also lured me to join in the activity by showing me he has joined as well. After joining the activity, I could not take out the money. Customer service said I need to top up to the amount in order to withdraw. However after I hit the amount, there were still trades i need to fulfil. he lured me to believe that this is a proper channel by channelling funds into the account. I realised I was scammed when i refused to add more funds and he began his appearing and disappearing act. when he disappeared, it meant that I was being blocked.