I released my OTP and my account was taken over

Anonymous | 01 Mar 2020

Lottery Scam
Received a instagram request from one of my friend for my mobile line. given as she really didn't have mine. then after she told me that shoppee is now having 7th year anniversary and the discount is a lot. asked me to give her the code sent via sms to my mobile number. i gave once, twice and wondered why there are so many request. so i facebook messenger to this friend and asked her about it. she was totally unaware!

i went into my shoppee account and saw 3 orders of total about $310. luckily the credit card info that i had in shoppee was for an old card and the transaction was not successful.

I called bank and cancelled cc card that i have and i have also deleted my shoppee account.

following this, my email was hacked! someone replaced my email address with him or hers - [email protected] immediately i changed my password and replaced the email address once again.

now it seems that my fb account is also being hacked! i am trying to do everything possible to safeguard my account and hopefully, everything will be ok.

Editor's Note: If you received a message from someone that you know asking for OTPs or 2FA number to your any of your online accounts, please do not release. 2FA codes or OTPs are meant to protect your account and to authenticate any transactions or changes to your account. Hence, they are not to be shared with anyone. 

In addition, always call your friend through a number that you already knew and check with the person directly.