I lost over $1,200 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 01 Jun 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
i found her telegram ID on Tinder and because she was so pretty, decided to message her. A few days later, she suddenly asked if I want to meet and offered her services. and because she was in need of money. Her boss called to ask me some questions, claimed that since this was my first time with her, the payment for the service would be made via Alipay. Request to make $1000RMB (~S$200) and this amount would be reimbursed S$50 when she met me.

After I made the transfer, he called me again via LINE and told me to pay an additional S$800 as "protection fees". I said I didn't have so much, I only could pay S$400. He said to pay, which I did.

After that he called me and said that his boss said I had to pay the whole amount of S$800. While suspecting something was amiss, I proceeded to pay as well. Then came in another request to pay another $1,200 as "Assurance Fee" to ensure that I am not the Police. When I told him that there is no way I am going to pay that amount, he asked me to go borrow money.

I lost a total of $1,200 to this Credit-for-Sex scam.