Don't be a money mule!

| 18 Mar 2019

Avoid being the middleman for a money laundering scam

You’ve just met a charming person on an online dating app. You’ve flirted a little, but now he is asking you for a favour. He needs you to open a new bank account to help him transfer money to a “friend” or “family member” in need. What do you do?

If you’ve never met this person, it’s safe to assume this is a money-mule scam. Do NOT oblige the request. Just like how you would not allow a stranger to sleep in your bed, do not allow your bank account to be used by someone you’re not familiar with.

You could end up laundering money for a scammer, even if you did not intend to.

If a sum of money from an unknown source appears in your bank account, your best bet is to report it to your bank and the authorities. You never know what kind of trouble you could get into.