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Software Upgrade Scam?

You might get a call from someone claiming that your computer is in need of a security or software upgrade. However, to get this update, you would need to provide your software user account ID and password to the caller.

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Don't let any company to remotely control your computer

17 Mar 2017

By Anonymous

Important do not call this number - +65 3158 181? - and let them control your computer or mac. They will check and lock up your windows by using "syskey" to make you...

Beware of fake warning messages that claimed that your computer is infected with a virus

Beware of pop-up adverts that claims that your computer is infected with a virus

Scammers pressured me to release details

Don't be fooled by software upgrade scam!

Beware of software upgrade scam

Imposter technical officer tried to extract computer security ID from me

Caller from Window Service Centre knew who was the owner of the computer

Caller from Global Internet Security Services claimed my computer was hacked