What is an

Online Purchase Scam?

If you see something being sold for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Victims of the online purchase scam, tempted by what seems like a good deal for a gadget, transfer money to the “seller” who promises delivery of the item. 


In some cases, sellers may also demand more payments for “duties” or delivery charges– and ultimately, the victim never receives...

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Beware of fake buyers!

12 Oct 2018

By Anonymous

Please be on your alert when someone sends you a WhatsApp text saying that he wants to buy your used products from gumtree or facebook. He claims that he is interested...

I knew it was a scam when scammer told me to check my email for PayPal transaction

When I was asked to make payment multiple times, I knew something was wrong

When potential tenant asked me to help pay her movers, alarm bells rang!

Scammer threatened me after I exposed him!

Do a background check before buying from an online retail store

I didn't receive the goods that I bought online

Seller didn't turn up to pass me the JJ Lin concert tickets

Cookies that I bought from Carousell seller never came