What is an

Online Purchase Scam?

If you see something being sold for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Victims of the online purchase scam, tempted by what seems like a good deal for a gadget, transfer money to the “seller” who promises delivery of the item. 


In some cases, sellers may also demand more payments for “duties” or delivery charges– and ultimately, the victim never receives...

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Another scam case involving a "Shawn Anthony"

23 Sept 2017

By Anonymous

Posted on gumtree for sale of a phone and this person said that he would like to purchase from me. I asked him to transfer the money first and she say 100% he would...

I lost $2,200 to a scammer who claimed to be "Shawn Anthony"

Beware of this chap named Shawn Anthony

Beware of this scammer - Aaron Bennet

I lost $30 to a seller I knew from Instagram

No payment made but delivery chap was here to collect item

I lost nearly $50 to an online buyer with the nickname "Aaron Bennet"

Googling online helped me identify a scam!

Online retailer sold me a fake handphone!