What is an

Investment Scam?

When you receive unsolicited messages from persons claiming to be stock brokers, employees of banks or financial companies on your social networking sites such as Facebook, WeChat or Line, be wary.

Responding to such messages may leave you vulnerable to an Investment Scam. Fraudsters will ask for your personal details such as NRIC and passport number, supposedly for an investment form....

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Beware of registry company which is sending letters to companies demanding payments

12 Aug 2018

By Anonymous

My father-in-law received a letter that claimed that his company has been using their service . They wrote a few years and indicated that he didn't pay for the service .

Scammer kept demanding money from me

Letter from a local company demanding payments from businesses

Potential home buyer made a strange request

Call sounded very suspicious

A group of people scammed by a scammer on Carousell

I lost $85K to an Investment scam

My capital was wiped out after doing binary trading!

Beware of fake investment sites that promise high returns