What is an

Investment Scam?

When you receive unsolicited messages from persons claiming to be stock brokers, employees of banks or financial companies on your social networking sites such as Facebook, WeChat or Line, be wary.

Responding to such messages may leave you vulnerable to an Investment Scam. Fraudsters will ask for your personal details such as NRIC and passport number, supposedly for an investment form....

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I lost $14,000 for trading at this platform

11 Apr 2017

By Anonymous

Got introduced to this "investment platform" last year - like a margin trading account

Min amount is USD10K & being locked for 1 year. Already 1 year now & they are...

Company forged my signature to authorise bank transfer

I've lost USD2,000 to an Investment scam

Do background checks before investing in a company!

Beware of dubious online advertisements

Beware of people who befriend you on social media