What is an

Impersonation Scam?

If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone purporting to be a government official, such as a police officer, immigration officer or court official, be wary as this could be a scam call.

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I received a call claiming to be from the "Police"

24 Apr 2018

By Anonymous

Received a call from a Singapore mobile number 9XXX 3628. 

It's a recorded playback with Mandarin-speaking lady with China-Mandarin accent.

The message is that I am...

Please share the latest scams with your loved ones

Caller claimed to be from "High Commission of India Singapore"

Scam number had 9 numbers.

A call from the "Police"

Scammer attempted to impersonate the Singapore Police

I received a call that claimed to be from the Police

Don't provide your personal details to strangers over the phone

I suspected that caller was a scammer