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Home/Room Rental Scam?

Someone might offer you room or home for rent, and use high-pressure tactics to get you to pay them rent in advance. In such a scam, the scammer usually does not have the authority to rent out the property – if indeed the property even exists.

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Beware of emails from fake PayPal account

18 Nov 2017

By Anonymous

I advertised my room on Gumtree when a buyer asked to contact me via email. She insisted on PayPal instead of bank transfer. She then requested the items be shipped...

Potential scammer: Please ignore this person on ibilik.com

Home Rental Scam: Scammer used the same contact details on other sites

Potential tenant asked for my PayPal details before even looking at the apartment

Scammer attempted to fool me!

Potential tenant's request sounded fishy!

Buyer claimed that money was transferred over to me!

We almost fell prey to the home rental scam!

Scammer forgot the details she put on website