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Home/Room Rental Scam?

Someone might offer you room or home for rent, and use high-pressure tactics to get you to pay them rent in advance. In such a scam, the scammer usually does not have the authority to rent out the property – if indeed the property even exists.

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Home Rental Scam: Don't be fooled by potential tenant!

2 June 2018

By Anonymous

Luckily I google this person name = Tan Mui Joo.  True enough this one is a scam.  I have been receiving emails from this person stating want to rent my room.  Giving...

Red flag: Potential tenant didn't even want to find out more about the room she's renting

Scammer disappeared when I told her i will make a check on I/C

Scammer sent fake PayPal email

Home owner used pictures of other people's property in her advertisement

Home rental scam can happen

Too good to be true offer made me suspicious

Story on ScamAlert website prevented me from becoming a victim

Scammer demanded to pay rent before looking at the rented apartment