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Home/Room Rental Scam?

Someone might offer you room or home for rent, and use high-pressure tactics to get you to pay them rent in advance. In such a scam, the scammer usually does not have the authority to rent out the property – if indeed the property even exists.

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Scammer doctored email to make it look like it was from PayPal

1 Oct 2018

By Anonymous

This scammer by the name of Tan Mui Joo responded to my advt for room available for rent. Introduced herself as Singaporean but working in Philippine. want to rent my...

Potential didn't want to look at room before renting

Red Flag: Potential tenant didn't want to see the room before renting

Scammer attempted to cheat me!

Scammer used the same trick to fool me

Potential tenant sent a passport that was photoshoped

I knew something was wrong when tenant asked me to help her pay the shipping fee

Scammer requested me to create PayPal account

Scammer sent me someone else's IC to fool me