What is a

Credit-For-Sex Scam?

If a stranger befriends you online or through social messaging applications such as WeChat and talks you into buying them purchase/gift cards (e.g. Alipay Purchase Cards, iTunes) in exchange for a meet-up, date or the promise of sexual favours, this is likely a Credit-for-Sex scam.

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Scammer kept asking for money and when I didn't pay, they threatened me!

19 Sept 2017

By Anonymous

Happen 14 Sep after the other person got scam.

Girl from WeChat doing massage service for 100 for 90mins. Went to 532 Ang Mo Kio ave 10, 7-11.

The girl then asked for my...

Credit-for-Sex Scam: I was threatened after refusing to pay more

I realised that I got scammed after I handed over the money

I lost over $100 to Credit-for-Sex scam

I lost $800 to Credit-for-Sex scam

I hope this story will help warn others

Credit-for-Sex: Scammer asked for more

I lost $1,800 to the girl that I've met online

I lost over $5,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam