Verify if a lucky draw is genuine before providing information

Anonymous | 21 Feb 2020

Lottery Scam

I have recently started to use Lazada to buy online. Usually i would receive sms from lazada to inform me of my online purchase delivery. Two days ago, i received a sms from lazada informing that i am a winner of their January lucky draw. Since it was the same SMS that Lazada used to inform me of delivery, i did not suspect it will be a scam until i clicked the link. The link led me to a survey and questions seems legit. Next it prompted me to select the color of the phone. Then delivery option either ninja van or singpost. Ninja is free whilst singpost cost $2. Naturally i chose ninja but it says it is not available. Thus i need to use singpost and pay the $2. Then i was lead to provide my credit details. At this stage, i became suspicious and decided not to complete the transaction until i verified with lazada if this is a genuine promotion. I was informed by Lazada that this is a scam and that they have received high volume of report. What puzzle me is there is no such warning in lazada site nor did they report about a hack on their website. Obviously my personal details have been given. But 2 days have passed, but no report or action from Lazada.