Scammer used sob stories to attempt to fool me

Anonymous | 10 Apr 2019

Internet Love Scam

I was nearly scam on coffee meet bagel. Be careful of overseas people on dating website from stolen profile from instagram or facebook. always video chat them to know. Don’t believe excuses such as  the phone is smashed or the wifi is not good .never give money to them

1) Do a reverse image search on the photos provided.

2) never send money to western union or moneygram in any emergency.         

3)never believe in sob story like parents died ,child sick ,stuck in airport, taxation ,accidents, robbed

Always consult with family members or close friends to advice as sometimes you will be caught up with emotions, and not being clear headed. Scammers may work in a syndicate and are experienced con artists.

The scammer stole pictures from a urologist in Malaysia and I have inform him that his photos have been stolen.

I’ve informed the person whose pictures were stolen to warn him.

 I have blocked the person and anyway is all fake accounts and email : Frank Cheng

Photo Evidence: