Scammer asked for iTunes card

Anonymous | 12 Feb 2020

Internet Love Scam

I met him on instagram. Within 3 days, he said he is interested in me, in pursuing marriage if it worked out. He claimed to be widower with a 4-yr-old girl, a Singaporean whose parents migrated to the states before he was born. Currently based in San Diego, but he intends to relocate here by the end of the year. About two weeks after we chatted, I bought him a sim card ($15; the first number indicated) so that he can use WhatsApp, claiming he is offshore (with Keppel) and can't get one. Two days later, he claimed he couldn't receive my messages and he started texted me using another number (the second number indicated). But there was still records of the other number being online. Then he asked me to get an iTunes card for him. All thanks to this website that I know he's a scammer. I said I might have cancer and he called me immediately. Very nice and smooth but his African accent was another giveaway. I used the sim card on my phone and found that he was using that number to WhatsApp someone else, who said that he even claimed to have a house at Yishun! Please be wary and vigilant when making friends online!