Online friend attempted to cheat me with real HK celebrity's pictures

Anonymous | 02 Nov 2021

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"Encountered person from flip dating app (username: chen), claiming to be a Taiwanese living in Singapore with her auntie and uncle for the past 4 to 5 years. She wanted to switch to WhatsApp (profile picture of a merlion; initial WhatsApp username: tiffany lewis; edited to "c.f.c") to chat. First mentioned 'myrtles platform' then asked if I wanted to join her in her crypto ventures (scalping). Rejected her and she tried to lure me in with a screenshot of her transactions, showing daily deposits from 5 to 6 figure sums. She also sent me a screenshot of her DBS mobile app, indicating a balance of sgd190,219.77 in her DBS multiplier account. Later, when asked what platform she used, she mentioned coinhako.

Upon scrolling through her photos in her flip profile, realised that they are of a celebrity (ig: charmainexhui), given that I recognized the celebrity's father being a TVB actor from Hong kong. When asked about her identity, baking business venture and name, she got extremely defensive and aggressive after i sent her the celebrity's ig url. When probed on her finances, she feigned that she was busy and blocked me subsequently.

I reported the user on the app and have not received a response as of yet.