Don't invest without the checking the background of the company

Anonymous | 29 May 2020

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam

I met this person online, he is from China sichuan working in hongkong (as he claimed). This person will quickly "fall in love with you" and make you do bitcoin investing together so that "we can have more interaction and earn money together". The app is known as huobi but this app doesn't seem to have problem, it's the other app that the person ask you to use that has issue, the name is bambu. The app looks more rundown, graphic is not as good (not sure why i fall for it). He will make you transfer money from huobi into this app.

So this person will tell you to start small and guide you together, you will earn money in the beginning. You should just go along, get the money and run out of it.

Cause the next step he will ask you to put in more money to earn a bonus from the system. Once you do that, you are dead. Cause the system will tell you that your account got frozen and you need a sum of money to unfreeze it to get whatever money you have inside.

How do I know he is lying to me? Cause he wouldn't help me, someone who claimed to "love you" and has been investing for long and together with me, he should have the capital to help, but he refuses to help. He let you die on your own. Long story short, I got into another debt trying to get this money out and this guy will just leave you after.

The person may be using another person's photo because he refuses to video call no matter what - so make sure a person dare to do this, before you put in your money.

So his picture is different, but i will put down some of the contact numbers you may need to take note of.

客服 (customer service hotline for bambu app) - +852 5493 2511

叶枫 (that guy's name, might be fake) - +852 5615 1730