Don't be lured by the prize!

Anonymous | 24 Feb 2020

Phishing Scam
Seem a company using Lazada as the platform, informed me that I had won a price, Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. In order to claim this, I only have to pay S$1.00. unsuspecting, I just pay, giving details of your credit card information and include CVV number. There after they sent you an email, informing you now a VIP member of Bushid?, enjoy ING games, but if you read further down, the  long terms n conditions they said every 3 months membership expires, n they will deduct your credit card S$49.50. until you officially terminate membership. I was one of them who fell to the greed of the prize.

I sensed something not right. I immediately cancel my credit card replaced it with a new one.
They later send me an email confirming cancellation. Checked the terms and conditions before signing up!