Beware of Singtel Impersonation scam

Anonymous | 29 May 2020

Impersonation Scam

I received a phone call from my house number (no caller id, hence unable to provide the scammer's number) on 29 may 2020 around 1.30pm. The conversation goes like this:

Indian guy (scammer): hi good afternoon, i am calling from singtel and we were notified that somebody is tapping onto your house's wifi and this results in the slow wifi connection. In order to stop these hackers, may we check how many devices are currently connected to your internet?

Me: i dont understand what you're talking about.

Scammer: -repeats the above in a sarcasm tone, break down his speech and talks slowly-

Me: i have a couple of devices currently connected to my internet

Scammer: for example, mobile or laptop?

Me: yes i have a laptop

Scammer: ok, now we need you to use your laptop right now so we can direct you to remove these hackers from tapping onto your wifi

Me: -thinking that something is not right here-

Me: i think it's fine, my laptop is charging and i can't use my laptop while talking to you

Scammer: -continues his speech while i'm not even listening-

Me: -cuts in- actually i dont need to remove them from my wifi, i'll just change the password

Scammer: madam, i'm still talking

(that's when i find this call very dubious because a customer care officer shouldn't be rude at all)

Me: i need you to prove your identity. Tell me your name and department

Scammer: i'm mike from technician department

Me: can you tell me the name of the person who signed this singtel contract?

Scammer: madam, i need you to use your laptop now so we can rectify the situation

Me: can you tell me the name of the person who signed this singtel contract? Or else i am unable to verify your identity

Scammer: madam, i understand your concern but you have to login to your laptop right now or else i cannot tell you the name.

Me: all right, i will call singtel hotline and verify if your identity is real.

And the scammer didn't respond to my last sentence at all so i hung up the call. Fortunately, i did not reveal my personal information to the scammer. Yes, it is true that recently i have experienced slower connection with singtel wifi but i feel that the scammers are taking advantage of the current situation to scam others.

By the way, i've clarified with singtel and they confirmed that this is a scam call and told me to report to anti-scam helpline.

Please help to spread the message across especially to those elderlys who are not well-educated of cyber scams. Thank you.