Money Mule Scam via Online Forum

Wong Jun Wei | 01 Nov 2018

Money Mule Scam
I was on an online forum (locanto if im not wrong) and there was this person named jason offering jobs that can make u earn 2500 at home. Being interested, i enquired and he said all i needed to do was to accept money for him because he is going overseas for a few months. And just transferred him the money by following his insructions. He asked me for my bank account and i stupidly gave him. But he proceeded on with asking for my pin. Felt something was off and denied him but he threatened me. Being scared i closed my forum account. But recently, when i finally am free to look through my account transactions, i found many many small transfers varying from 20 to 600 dollars. I have no clue when it started but called the bank to cancel all these transactions to return to their owners. Bank then requested me to close this account and open a new one. Never ever ever going to give me bank account online anymore.