Online "friend" kept asking me to invest in crypto

Anonymous | 31 Mar 2021

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i met this chinese guy at CMB named dunn, Chinese name : deng bo hong. chatted abit on the app before moving to whatsapp. he appeared as an owner of 2 transportation companies in johor and sg. he will text initially ever so often like morning, afternoon and night. at some nights, he will appear to be having late night calls with europe but when i asked europe is only 7 hours difference, he stuttered for awhile to answer. he can text in english but when he went over to whatsapp, he asked to text in chinese. that's my 1st red flag. 2nd red flag : dad passed away so went back to johor with the mom from shanghai. 3rd red flag : occasionally, he would mentioned about cryptocurrency as well as asked about whether my house is bought. and he will mentioned that he is coming back to Singapore and will be quarantined here 1 month later from jb. he also state that he have 2 properties in sg: Holland and Bukit Timah (too good to be true here...)

the final flag came when he asked if i would like to invest 1000SGD in cryptocurrency and look at the returns. when i say i am not interested, he kept on going for awhile till i said not at all. he even said he is going to do it himself now. i told him he can go ahead without looking back. i have since blocked and reported him in both whatsapp and cmb.
Just want to warn everyone reading this, somethings are too good to be true. Just be careful of who u met online. all these red flags made me read a lot online on what others have shared and avoided a love scam.