Only take loans from licensed moneylenders or financial institutions

Nur saliha Abdullah | 31 Jan 2020

Loan Scam
He whatsapp me and i replied to Him as i was curious to know. After which i was entice by the low int and just say i need a loan of $6k and long Short story, i gave my particulars and some other details and also account Nmbr.with 1/2hr my loAn was approved and funds Was trX in 45mins & said 1st feb i have to pay $1k for trial loan then within an hr i will get my $6k loan.on 30thjan i rEaLise that all of this was scam,i reported to the pOlice and they advice me to trx back the money that they initially gave me $500 and block his Nmbr. I close my acc immediately and stop all my paynow so they cant transfer me any money. Please dont believe theM if needed please go down to a licensed moneylender.

Editor's note: Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise their services on social media, via messaging apps or SMS. All licensed moneylenders are registered with MinLaw, pls get in touch with via their official contact channels: