Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 31 Dec 2019

Internet Love Scam

He texted me on november 28 by ig, introduced himself as engineer. After couple of days asked for my phone number. Said he based in america from texas and lives in both places, da nang in vietnam as well. Noticed that his cute mom , sister and siblings lives in america and he has to visit them at weekends( that's how he explained his disappearing for 1,5-2 days). He was always extremly polite, always showering with sweet words. Didn't tell about himself much, always claimed he is super busy. Once i was asking questions about him, he will shower by how much he loves/likes me. So the day came when he send me photo of luxury gifts he bought for me but i said i can't take them but he insist because in this way he wanted to show how much she loves and cherish me..asked for my home address. For next day he said he send it to me but i have to pay $1300-$2000 of charges.i said he is sending me trojan horse and he said i'm silly. Also i said i have no money to pay, he called me and explained i have nothing to worry about because i will find this amount of money in parcel which he send me already. Just try to pay first he said . Was keep asking do i trust him a lot of times so he can make sure i will pay. Weird situation moved me to internet and on this website i found a lot similar situations.thanks for all people who shared their stories.i told him i know this is a scam. After this he started to say things to make me feel quilt!!! I blocked him everywhere. After this i found a real person which photos of he was using and confirmed that profile is fake. Asked to report about it. Maybe he will do but maybe not. Whole story took 2 weeks.

Nothing lost.

I'm sorry if someone will find my story with grammar mistakes. I tried my best to share and protect others.

Ladies, stay smart,logical and pink glasses, please