Someone I knew lost $56k to an internet love scam

Anonymous | 31 Aug 2021

Internet Love Scam

This happened to a close friend of mine. He is still trying to recover from this scam.

They met on FB. Scammer introduced herself as Christy Koh. Claimed that her father passed away, mother is sick in sg. She's a chemical engineer and a sub contractor to Marteks oil llc. She just won a contract with evergrand energy hk llc to refine crude oil. She is currently working in Amsterdam and trying to export her crude oil products over to evergrand.

Very quickly she asked to move to whatsapp and chat.
They chatted only at specific timing due to 'time difference'. She always showed concern about his daily life and work. It turned romantic very quickly and she claimed that she will be back to sg soon. And she will introduce her mother to him.

A month later, she requested him to transfer her 35k euro so that she can perform the sgs dip test for her oils. He had his doubts, questioned and eventually blocked her. But she continued to use other numbers to call and msg, begging for him to help her out. Very manipulative and always play the pity card. Eventually, he gave in. However, a few weeks later she continued to ask for more money, claiming that there's problems with the testing and needed to pay a huge tax fee.

After doing a google reverse image check, found out she is a scammer because her photos are all stolen from a korean instagramer - @yesbee92 and the company - evergrand energy hk llc doesn't have a company website.

She has contacted him using these numbers- +65 84319259, +65 86197359, + 65 97156568, +65 86197349. She also has several fb accounts under the name christykoh. And an instagram account @christy_koh11.

He lost more than 50k, all of his hard earned money. It was a painful lesson.

if you ever encounter such person, please block. Also, please do not engage anyone with the number starting with +65 at the front. It is not a local number. And always insist to do video calls to ensure that the person is who she/he claimed she/he is.