Online friend tried to cheat me

Anonymous | 30 Sep 2019

Internet Love Scam
Example of the scam message:
He started off as posted to SG from US, based in Chong Pang Camp then after that was sent to a mission in SYRIA.
In syria, he was so ill after a chemical explosion and below are the stories he shared:
-I will need to present my exit form which is part of the documents I had earlier deposited with a security company attached with the United Nations for safekeeping..
-Baby since I’m in the war zone it’s difficult at this moment and without my exit form I won’t be allowed to leave. I would not be able to contact the military board from here due to restrictions as you may know by now.
-Baby, I will need your assistance. I will like you to do me a favor to request for my exit form on my behalf from the military board.
-I will write the letter for you to contact the military board on my behalf requesting for my exit form. It’s will be given to you. Here at the war zone we can’t receive or send stuffs.
-Once you receive it, I will teach you how to scan and send me a copy through email baby.
-I will send you the security company’s email
-Baby, I will like to plead with you to handle this on my behalf. You do everything for me if they might need payment. I promise to refund it to you once I come back. It’s unfortunate I can’t access my account here due to restrictions.