The scammer had introduced itself as a girl and she had send photos of herself

Anonymous | 30 Nov 2018

Internet Love Scam
The scammer had introduced itself as a girl. She did send photos of her. And one day she telling me that she is gonna visit malaysia and stay for one month..

Then after that passes few days, she send me the air ticket confirmation photo receipt to me telling me she already do the flight booking.

After for sometime she suddenly ask for personal details which is name and address claiming that she wanted to send over her things or belongings over to me first, so i help her to keep before she arrives in kuala lumpur.. And says that she had to take many many things so only she wanted to courier to me some of her things first..

And that moment only i realize she some kinda scammer or whatever that wanted to scam over me. But from there i straight and direct clearly knowing that she is lying and wanted to do fraud on me.

But luckily,from there i realized and so i did not give any of my info to that person. I keep on replying delaying her saying that i will send it later.. but then she is keep saying asking me to send her as quick as possible. Saying she will need to go to post office before lunch and saying it would be late to send her things cause she claiming that she will arrive at Kuala Lumpur at December 1st 2018.