Beware of Police impersonation scam!

Anonymous | 30 May 2020

Impersonation Scam
received a robocall afternoon of 29 May 2020 claiming from Changi Courier DHL, then asked me to press 3 for more info about the parcel. A Chinese National picked up the call saying that i had sent a parcel on may 11 from china guangzhou quexiu district dhl wangdian containing illegal items including 6 passports and bank cards. i denied any involvement and was transferred to speak to "Singapore police force" so i can make a police report..

the call was transferred again to Guangzhou Police station as it was a foreign case. till then, i was in great shocked.

She asked me to download skype as she say that skype was the only app that cant be trace by others. then she send me a photo of her police IDENTITY card. she asked for my name, nric and house address to open a police case. the recording took place from skype. after that, she used a walkie talkie to call police HEADQUARTERS to check if i was involved in other cases. She revealed that i was implicated in a money laundering case, and it is top SECRET case. i was not allow to tell anyone. then she send me my arrest WARRANT. i was in great shocked and agreed to work with them.

I have to report to her every hour and not to tell any details to my family and friends. she said she will trace my phone to check if i am in contact with the mastermind behind the money laundering and asked me to MINIMIZE USAGE of my phone.

They asked me how much i have in all my bank account and did i received any commission from the mastermind. before she put down the call, she said to update her if i remember any details towards the case and she will let me know if she have found any evidences to proof me guilty or INNOCENT.