Buyer became upset when I didn't wish to release my email address

Anonymous | 30 May 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I had responded to a message on an app called letgo (sorta like gumtree or carousell); a buyer was keen to purchase a branded bag i had listed and had told me to contact her via WhatsApp.

The conversation was normal and she was not too fussy about the price nor condition of the bag, but did appear to be rather impatient. she had claimed that the bag was a gift to her friend's daughter residing in bukit merah and had wanted to pay for the item and arrange for shipping quickly.

Then claiming that she was in Canada at the moment on a business trip and working (i wondered why to her the time difference did not seem to matter), she then opted to pay via a bank transfer for she did not enrol herself for paylah or paynow (still nothing fishy here, just a matter of tech adoption rate). Asked for my name, bank account number, bank name and get this, email address which i thought was a rather strange detail to ask for, for an online bank transfer, I have dealt with many buyers and none of them had asked for my email address before except those that had involved paypal.

Spidey senses tingling I politely declined revealing my email address and told her that my bank details should suffice for the transfer. and this was where hell broke loose.

she immediately turned hostile and told me not to tell her what should be done. reprimanded me for delaying the transfer and mailing, wasting her precious time while working and demanded that an email address be given. asked if i could read and that i should listen to her. her friend's daughter had to receive the bag in 2 days time and the bag had to be sent straight  away. 

I called the deal off on the basis that i was not comfortable dealing with her. also advised her to learn some manners. at the same time i told her that i could read and write very well. and ended with a thank you. because class and manners always first.

Beware the "Canadian" bag buyer. her name was Aung and she had a badly cropped photo of a hand on a Siamese cat which appeared to have been cropped from a screenshot of a screenshot.