Beware of "Singtel" Impersonation Phone scam!

concetta arcella | 30 Jul 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam

I received a call from 'singtel' to say my computer had been hacked by a foreign entity and that they are able to help me deal with this threat. The caller (indian accent) passed me through to his supervisor, named jennifer watson (with a very strong indian accent???).

They wanted to take control of my computer. I suspected it be a scam from the beginning as 1) i'm not with singtel 2) the phone on which they called me and my computer are not connected in anyway.

They tried to convince me to run 'eventvwr', i was told this was top secret and not to share it. I did not run it. At this point I asked them for contact details so I could call them back. Although the call came from the above mobile, this is what they gave me:

Singtel tech support - 0800 6128 4029

jennifer watson, employee id: sing2949