Scammer told me he missed me

Anonymous | 30 Dec 2018

Internet Love Scam
THis Guy found me At ig and requeSted For my Number cos claiming he seldom at ig,ok i had known he is a sCammer but tried to play along w him So we exchange no. He starTed to contact me and every single hour texting me with the lOusy english than mine (he claimed he is at Uk and is an enginEer) please la if you are at uk how come your english is worse than mine?

I also dont have time to entertaining him.He lost patience started To say: “i miss you” then i play along again “so fast? We dIdnt even meet each other?” He said feeling is what Cant even Understand his meaning. Fr his ig i can tell he is Somehow at china (he said he is fr penang and had been working in uk for long time) oUr time frame iS So much different and yet he can replied me during 4am (in uk) after that he started to say “i love you” i rePlied “ok thank you” then i blocked him.

He used many different countries of no to call me and i had declined and blocked all No. hopefully there is no any Other become the victims and please be careful don disclose any of ur personal info to the StranGers esp Nowadays social networking play a very impoRtant part.

Be vigilant be aware and Please be careful