Caller attempted to impersonate as High Commission of India staff

Anonymous | 30 Apr 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
The caller identified first as ALOK KUMAR SINGH FROM HCI and said that there was some incorrect information provided by me in the immigration form and a legal case has been raised against me. i suspected the call to be scam and asked how can i trust then he said to check the phone number with the HCI website. it was matching and i started believing them. then he transferred the call to some guy who identified himself as thang lee, senior vigilance officer. he was threatening that my passport would be impounded and i will be imprisoned for 10 years with a fine of sgd 70k. . he was asking me to go to delhi to get the case cleared and as an alternative he was asking for sgd 2,700 as fees to be paid to clear my case. He promised that the money would be refunded by the same day evening. this has happened today 30 apr and the call lasted for more than 30 min. they speak very fluent English

When i said i did not have enough money, he was telling me to check with my friends and transfer the money through western union. i said i spoke to my hr and they told they will handle it. then he was threatening me that the file will be sent ahead and i may end up losing my job. i said go ahead. i did not pay anything, may be some personal information lik date of birth, address and passport number