Online friend I got to know on Facebook professed his love for me within a short period of time

Anonymous | 30 Apr 2019

Internet Love Scam
Befriended me through Facebook asked me for Wechat and started chatting. Said he is US born Korean posted and send photos of a handsome, well-off Korean man and Said he is a Diamond mining company boss. Started professing love for me in short time, asked for a Mobile no. To Set up watsapp. Spoke poor English compared to someone from Us and Lots of typo even though he could say the USA time accurately. Say needed me to receive his parcel of diamonds and jewellery that he sent to my home address which fake courier company asked for usd 5500 to release parcel. Already read abt this type of scam. He even gave me a fake bank website to log in to pretend transfer money to me for the parcel payment. Luckily, I didn't believe as i already read abt it. But now they so advanced to include bank website log in etc to cheat victim that he transfer money even send me hotel booking saying he come to sg. sharing so more will be informed.

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