I was cheated of $3,000 by a Credit-for-Sex scammer

Anonymous | 29 Sep 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
It started off with the girl approaching me on Tinder. After a short interesting chat, I added her on Whatsapp as she requested. There, she suddenly offered sex at a rate of $100/90min.

I agreed to the offer. When I reached her place, she told me her boss need to advise me on some security issues. He required me to buy Alipay credit through the AXS machine, which I dumbly followed despite seeing all the warning. Just when I thought it's done, he demanded deposits for security purposes. He kept pressing me to put down the deposits even when i told him i have no money, asking me to borrow from friends first. He also asked me not to put down the phone. This repeats for Verification purposes, for refund purposes. Why i sucked it up is their promises that the money will be refunded based on their rule. after being asked for more money for bank acc protection purposes, i got fed up and went to the police to report the case.

learnt my lesson with 3k gone and the fear that my family will be targeted by the syndicate.