Scammer used a fake profile to fool me

Anonymous | 29 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
I met this guy who calls himself jin on Instagram. He said he is a Singaporean
working and living in USA. WithIn 1 week, he professed his love and admiration. We could get along really well and he was very sweet, UNDERSTANDing and encouraging. We exchanged many photos and he knows about my 2 children. He claims to have one child who is 4 years old and is divorced. As I am going through a divorce myself, it was a match. We chatted every day for close to 2 months. He said he is coming back to Singapore to see me and we will plan a life together.

He said his boss needs him to go to belgium for work before he can come back to SG.he is suppose to buy some machinery. On the 6th day of being in belgium, he was going to buy the machine but left his company card at home in USA. Then he realised he cannot use his personal card. Neither can he wire money over to the seller via internet banking . He couldn't ask others or his boss because he didnt want to look incompetent. So he asked for my help - by logging in to his account from Sg and transfer the money to my bank account before transferring it to belgium. Somehow the transfer didnt go through to me. All this while my red flags were up. I did a check on his bank and it seems fake. I also did a photo reverse check on him. I found that he has stolen someone Else's profile and pictures. He is not who he said he was. I blocked him on Instagram and deleted our chat on Google hangout after confronting him. He has since shut down his IG account.