Beware of loan scams

Anonymous | 29 Jun 2021

Loan Scam

I was trying to find a loan of $10,000 and therefore, i would search on the internet to look out for some licensed money lenders. On 1 night, i decided to find a website and fill up my particulars such as my name, phone number and email address as i thought that the loan website was rather interesting in giving out its interest rates. On the following day, i was contacted by a whatsapp number and this number represents its company, "lending bee pte ltd". I chatted with this number and they sound like they are a legitimate business. Eventually we came to an agreement that i have to pay an upfront of $2,000 for admin & stamp charges which i've paid too before the approval of my loan as the loan officer said that my $2,000 would be refundable at the end of my loan. However, after paying of the $2,000, they demanded another $1,300 to activate my case and to access their banking accounts. I found it suspicious as there is a hidden fee which I did not sign in the imposter contract. I therefore knew that it was a scam and decided to call my bank to tell them about the problems that I've faced and made a police report immediately. I now knew that singapore licensed money lenders are not allowed to advertise their services online and that it will always be safer to acquire a loan at their actual office instead of doing it online. I did not know that this was a scam as this is my 1st time trying to acquire a loan.

Editor's Note: Please note that unlicensed moneylenders can impersonate as licensed moneylenders by creating fake websites using their details. Licensed moneylenders are also not allowed to approve loans remotely. Please contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details and visiting only the websites found in this list