Don't waste your time on a scammer

Anonymous | 29 Feb 2020

Home/Room Rental Scam
I have given a advertisement for room rental in gum tree. i got a mail from a lady stating that she needs a room and she shared a PR card S8077991G. She mentioned she would be interested to take one common rom rental. she would be sending money via Paypal as
she wont have singapore money. she insisted me to open Paypal account and she would be transferring rental amount to my paypal account.

I thought she is genuine person. later she asked me favor to do and mentioned "shipping agent says she will need to pay for the moving before they can ship my items, they charge HER $400 SGD for pick up and delivery and payment for pick up will be made to the corporate international headquarters in Philippines."

SHe said she will transfer money via Paypal. but the Tricky thing she maDE is until uNless i pay $400 to Shipping agent that the rental advance will not be credited to my account. nothing is credited to my account soon i realised this is looking a kind of online scam. i told her unless money credited to My account i can't pay any money for shipping agenT.

I am still monitoring how the response would be from the scammer.

Editor's Note: Please do not "monitor", "wait to see", or "play" with the scammer. Simply end your conversation with the scammer the moment you realise that you are speaking with one. There is no need to waste time on a cheat and scammers are known to be great manipulators.