I was lured you into buying the product from the scammer

Anonymous | 28 Nov 2018

Online Purchase Scam
Here is Facebook ADVERTISEMENT, which will lure you to buy the product, advertisement will show the comparison, feature, video and all possible element to win your confidence. they will table the offer at price point which is Big trap (shall be first sign we shall be CONSCIOUS of).

Most important element, they will mention cash on delivery, hence we will feel least risk to get the product, but this is the trap and beware of this.

Unfortunately i ordered this product and i got the message for "Ninja Van" with secure code to share at the time of delivery. you feel confident that delivery is secure - it is another trap you are getting into.

Finally Ninja van will show up on your door and will hand over a sealed packed and demand cash. they will caution you if you open the packet it is consider receipt of delivery hence you are obligated to pay money. however if you do not open, you will establish the facts of fraud later. i got trapped and my wife (at home) paid the amount, however after opening the packet, i REALIZED that product is nowhere close what was advertised. hence i called immediately ninja van team and told them that the product is fake.

There are many customers who have received the same packet and reached out to "Ninja Van team" to ensure their cash is not paid to seller and they shall be able to protect customer from this fraud. but they flatly refused me & others and informed me that as soon as i signed the delivery slip they remitted the money to seller.

Hence, I asked them to share the details of seller name, account number and requested them to raise the matter and inform local AUTHORITIES. there did not share any details nor shown any concern about the money lost by multiple customers, which made me believe they are either part of fraud or may be creator of fraud. how can a company send instant payment to an unknown seller and that to INSTANTANEOUSLY, hard to digest this.

Here are the symptoms you must check:

1. Great price deal - Check reputation of online seller
2. These website will not send you confirmation mail or will send you confirmation mail from alias with "not-to-reply" without any real contact details.
2. Check the delivery message you will get - here are steps which you help you establish the fraudulent intent
- Click on the message sender
- Unreachable number - as they masked the message sending details
- if you respond to message it will bounce back

I felt important to share so that i shall be able to help my fellow citizens to beware themselves against these scams. Please share with your friends and relative to educate them and help them save their money.

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