Scammer said he kept a brown envelope of 10.5K pounds inside the parcel that he sent to me.

Anonymous | 28 Nov 2018

Internet Love Scam
I met a guy on Instagram 3 weeks ago, claiming he wants to be Friends. His english is not perfect, but we can UNDERSTAND each other. He persuaded me to give him my number to add on WhatsApp because he is not allowed to use other social media during working Hours. He CLAIMED he is from us, lost his dad when he was young, and is working alone as an engineer (shells petrol) in Manchester, UK.

He had a bad experience as his ex-girlfriend was found sleeping with his best friend. on WhatsApp, he showed a lot of love and care, telling me constantly that he loves me and wants to marry me, and that his mom WANTS him to get married. He sends selfies of HIMSELF occasionally, and he is GOOD-looking a real charmer and sweet-talker. He claims that he will come to Singapore to see me during his vacation, and he is very positive that fate Brought us together, and very positive that we will be together.

After three weeks, he suddenly mentioned that he is trying to get a very important contract, and asked me to pray for him. After that, he came back telling me That he got the contract, and is very happy and he believes that he got the contract because of me being in his life. He said that he will work offshore at London seaport for 3 weeks, then he will come to Singapore to meet me.

He then told me that he bought things for me to send it to me via courier. When I refused, he said I'm preventing him from going for his contract. In the end, I gave him my home address and email address. The next day, he told me he has SENT the parcel to me, and I'll Receive it in a few days.

He added on that he kept a brown envelope of 10.5K pounds inside the parcel, which I'll be able to find after removing the items that he bought me. I panicked as IT is not right to take money from a stranger For no reason at all, what's more it's such a big sum. I also realized that it is not allowed to send cash in parcels. I texted to tell him I do not accept The money, but he KEEPS telling me That I am breaking his heart and he is doing this out of his Love for me.

When I asked for the Courier that he used, he gave me an email address, saying that he uses it very often and he trusts THEM when I queried on the reliability. Eventually I googled the email address and found multiple accounts of scams with similar story plots, and then I realized this is probably a love scam, whereby soon the Courier will call me to ask for money. I confronted him, but he claims he is not a scammer. I blocked him after that.