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Anonymous | 28 Jun 2021

Internet Love Scam

Got matched on CMB app. Said to be an engineer working for exxon mobile in malaysia on a project but lots of delay due to MCO, based in Penang now for a project. 40yo single, from houston texas, malaysia project ending in 8 months' time. Working off oil rig 6 days a week. Nothing was lost but because i cut him off quicker by asking him for his full name and he stop the chat because he realised that i was googling him and left the conversation in cmb but i reported him.

One of his long messages about his job:
after 8 months i will see but my project here is much more complicated. I am project manager that work for and with national oilwell varco nov, i can get individual project from corporation but not countries. Here in malaysia i am an independent subcontractor for exxon using nov certificate. As an in-depended contractor my contract will be an out sources contract. I am in-charge of it, including the funding..although i go get paid for the project in 3 stages. During the start i will get 25% fund of the project then after 2nd inspection which will be in the middle of the project i will get 50% funding and at the end of the project then i will get final 25% complete so mostly i run on my capital .. All the expenses but at end of the project my payment is 35% of the project cost thou after paying tax and dividend to nov i will be left with 25% but for off shore project that i will work nov, not as a contract i just get paid for my services .. So it’s a bit complicated. But just little into what brought me here to malaysia, so after this i could take time off to take a rest or maybe taken on another project.