Don't fall prey to Smishing!

Anonymous | 28 Apr 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received a text message from authmsg on 28 april 2020, at 645pm, which reads "your delivery has been stopped at our depot. Trk#: r690382803147 please resolve the issue here:". I sent a tracked package out earlier in the afternoon via singpost so i clicked on the link. It directed me to a page that looked like Singpost's website, and asked me to make payment of about $1.67. I filled in my personal information on the first page (name, contact number, email and address) and when i clicked to the second page for payment, the page looked suspicious as it wasn't the usual payment page i saw while shopping online. It looked like a page from a foreign bank, which i wouldn't expect singpost to use. I immediately stopped and went back to the first page of the link, and clicked on the singpost logo at the top of the screen to reload. It didn't bring me back to the singpost homepage, but instead tried to load a different page. 

I went to the official Singpost website and found out that there were phishing scams recently regarding this, so I called the customer service hotline and verified that it was a scam.