I was sent a cheap fake bluetooth headphone by the scammer

Anonymous | 27 Nov 2018

Online Purchase Scam
1. The scammer use facebook ads to advertise a time sale
2. clicking the ad will go to the scam ecommerce site
3. the website trick user to believe it is limited time sale with clock count down, but in fact the clock will always reset
4. upon payment, the goods (mobile phone) will not be sent, no tracking code will be provided
5. After reporting the scam to paypal, they pretend to resolve the case by agreeing to sending a product with a tracking code.
6. instead they basically send a cheap fake bluetooth headphone to fool paypal they had resolved the issue with delivery proof.
7. the seller is a chinese national dispatching fake chinese made poor quaLIty products from netherLANDs

Avoid buying any products from

if suspicious of a website:
1. Check who is the owner of the website via whois.com. high risk countries: china, east europe, africa
2. Use paypal to make transaction if you are somewhat suspicious of any sale
3. report your case to paypal resolution center to claim your money to cover yourself from fraud.

Photo Evidence: