Don't invest without checking or do any online betting

Anonymous | 27 Jun 2021

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
1) the person will befriend you and pretend to be interested in your life etc. this would probably result in daily/nightly calls to check on you
2) once they perceived to have gotten your trust, they will ask you to help them with an errand which is to do some online betting on this website (Note: Fake website do not click), to show you how much you can earn, the excuse they have given is that they have discovered a loophole in the system. The website looks like the image attached.
3) they will pressure you to sign up for an account, probably to entice you with earlier wins and then block the rest of your earnings behind a hefty paywall

do not fall for this scam, the website ending with .XYZ is an obvious fake, the company 东方金控 does not exist.