Scammer wanted me to send more money which made me suspect that something was wrong

Anonymous | 27 Jun 2019

Internet Love Scam
Knew Alex thru Paktor, quickly moved to whatsapp. Alex called me immediately to prove that he was real.

Claimed he is offshore rig. Cannot make transactions. asked me to buy equipment which I didn't agree. Then, we chatted further, he said he is running low on data, so he requested usd200 but i bought usd100 amazon gift card. making plans to come see me but then said since it is private off time, company cannot pay for his air ticket, so requested i helped. i told him money is an issue for me and he said do not worry about it and ask me to write to his company as his fiancee. this is when the warning bell rang when he asked me if i can buy the air tickets. so i started to read up more and realised the stories are all the same. haha. so yeah. anyway the original planning was to wait for his contract to finish and come visit me in singapore. then he said he has enough money to retire and no need more contract. this afternoon said he may consider taking up another contract if more work comes along his way. so yeah! scam alert to the max.

Moniker: alex lee chang
parents from beijing, dad is deceased and mum is running own fashion business.