I lost $80k in a fake investment

Anonymous | 27 Jan 2021

Internet Love Scam

Sometime in November 2020, I met this girl on an online dating app and after chatting for a few days she introduced me to an investment app called 五洲国际. She says she has used this app to earn money and she wanted to help me to earn some money. Initially the first few days we earned a few hundred.

She claimed that by putting in more money, the returns will be higher. She also introduced one of her friend from china to the app and we ended up losing all the money and she blamed it all on her friend instead. I also found out afterwards that there is no way to withdraw the money from the app. That is when I realised that i have been scammed but it was already too late. There were also attempts to reach her at her 'workplace' but there was not such person working there. Please do not ever put any money into this app or else you will not be able to get your money back.