Scammer claimed to have transferred the funds to me but didn't

Anonymous | 27 Jan 2020

Online Purchase Scam
SO guys two days ago I was contacted by an interested buyer that wished to purchase a high-value watch WHICH COSTED 11K. HE CONTACTED ME THROUGH DEPOP AND ASKED ME MY PHONE TO TALK TO WHATSAPP. HE TOLD ME HE WANTED THE WATCH FOR HIS BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY. HE claimed to be WORKING OFFSHORE AND needed the watch in 3 days to be sent to his brother as he would leave for camp in maLAYSIA. U GUYS i was conviNCED thIs it a legit buyer however I did google his number and username to find almost 20 stories from people that got scammed. he told me to ship it with fedex and after i found out about the scam i told him that fedex could not ship it until next week to avoid him. He then proceeded to send me a screenshot of his transactions which was a complete photoshop picture. He threatened me that I will have problems if I don't send him the watch. I then screen-grabbed the photo and sent him one of the stories that I read here about him and told him ”would u think i would give my valuable rolex to a scammer? hell no and then blocked him. I would not write this story however I was so close to lose 11k that I want everybody to watch out this guy. Be safe and do not send anything without first claiming you money. i read that he would claimed that the bank needed 1-2 days for the money be reflected in the statement and he would give all sorts of excuses, o just dont send any product before u have the money in your bank account.